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  1. Why is my door knob charred? 18/06/2021

    This will naturally happen slowly over years of use. However, this process can be accelerated by burning with the Turboslide open continuously and having the fire right up the front near the door. Please read our operating instructions again so you can use the Pyroclassic® IV correctly.

  2. What size firewood should I be using in my Pyroclassic Fire? 18/06/2021

    Logs should be approximately 100-120mm in diameter by 300-400mm long.

  3. The front of my Pyroclassic fire has developed smoke stains on the panel. What can I do? 18/06/2021

    Depending on how extensive the marking is you may be able to remove it by using a light abrasive car polish. Remove the panel and place it on a kitchen bench as this will be much easier than doing it on the fire. Please be careful of the gasket if it's...

  4. What can I do if my wetback develops a thick coating on it? 18/06/2021

    The wetback can develop a coating of crusty creosote when the wood fuel is not being burnt in the most efficient way. Firewood can play a major role in the performance of a wood fire. The species is part of the picture but the most significant thing is that whatever...

  5. What are the clearances for a Pyroclassic IV installed on a mini raised woodbin? 18/06/2021

    You can download the installation clearances for installing a Pyroclassic IV on a mini raised woodbin HERE. 

  6. How can I test if I am getting a good heat output from my Pyroclassic fire? 18/06/2021

    As you will note in the operating instructions for the Pyroclassic IV, the fire will not give its full performance for the first few uses until the unit has fully cured and heat tempered.

  7. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 18/06/2021

    The simple answer is yes.

  8. My Pyroclassic door gasket has moved out of place. What do I do? 18/06/2021

    The door to glass sealing gasket can occasionally walk along the back of the door. This happens due to the screws not quite holding enough tension on the door glass and so during the expansion and contraction process the gasket gets moved along a fraction each time.

  9. My flue pipe has gone a copper colour in one section. What has happened? 18/06/2021

    If there is a concentrated spot of heat like a ring around the pipe then this is an indication of a possible internal flue fire. This is caused by a build up of creosote within the flue pipe which has then caught fire.

  10. What proportion of heat comes from the back of the fire and the flue in comparison to the front and sides? 18/06/2021

    This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the radiant heat from the fire comes from the top plate (more front than back) and the door area. The cooler convection heat comes off the extruded coloured panels around the sides and the front of the fire.