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  1. How do I remove the ash from my Pyroclassic? 25/05/2020

    Remove the ash when the fire chamber is relatively cool. Use the Pyroclassic curved shovel to slowly empty the fire chamber. Ash almost always contains some hot ember.

  2. Can I use a heat transfer kit? 25/05/2020

    The simple answer is yes.

  3. What is the warranty for Pyroclassic parts? 25/05/2020

    The ceramic firebox in the Pyroclassic IV is warranted for 15 years against defective material or workmanship, providing that the fire is used according to the manufacturer's operating instructions. Cracks and blisters to the cylinder are not considered a failure of the ceramic firebox.

  4. Our Pyroclassic fire appears to have 'rust-like' dust coming out at the bottom. What is this? 25/05/2020

    The rust dust is probably just the exposed bottom edges of the top valley walls where they meet the cylinder rap rusting a little bit due to moisture passing through the fire from the wood fuel.

  5. Why are gases and smoke entering the room when the door is opened? 25/05/2020

    The most likely reason for this is that your flue is clogged and may require sweeping.

  6. How do I use my moisture meter? 25/05/2020

    The moisture meter is intended to be used regularly throughout the drying process, from when you first get your wood fuel delivered right through to just before burning it. It will allow you to know exactly what the moisture content of the wood fuel you are using is and it will ensure...

  7. What size firewood should I be using in my Pyroclassic Fire? 25/05/2020

    Logs should be approximately 100-120mm in diameter by 300-400mm long.

  8. The front of my Pyroclassic fire has developed smoke stains on the panel. What can I do? 25/05/2020

    Depending on how extensive the marking is you may be able to remove it by using a light abrasive car polish. Remove the panel and place it on a kitchen bench as this will be much easier than doing it on the fire. Please be careful of the gasket if it's...

  9. What does it mean by the Pyroclassic being 'Self Regulating'? 25/05/2020

    The vigorous fire near the loading door automatically slows down as the burning front advances through the firebox towards the back. Each cycle ends with ash and hot ember at the far end of the firebox. Only use the Turboslide when lighting, adding fresh fuel or if you quickly want a very...

  10. What chimney sweeps can you recommend to clean the flue? 25/05/2020

    A database of HEFTAS approved chimney sweeps can be found HERE.