We have just had a minor gas explosion/back puffing in our Pyroclassic. Why has this happened?

This could be caused for the following reasons:

  1. Rake not used to bring hot char forward causing wood to burn at the wrong end. Use the rake as per Operating Instructions.
  2. The Turboslide was not opened after re-loading large, cold logs.
  3. The burning of an explosive substance - battery, aerosol container, etc. DO NOT DO THIS!
  4. There was an insufficient bed of coals to ensure adequate ignition of a fresh fuel load.
  5. Too high moisture content of wood fuel. Split one of your logs in half and use your moisture meter to test the wood. 

As a point of caution you should never insert a fresh log which is too large or placed in the fire too late to ensure a flaming combustion, doing this will cook the wood fuel on the remaining embers releasing unburnt volatile gases into the combustion chamber which will eventually reach a point of ignition, this can result in a sizable explosion inside the fire chamber and may cause damage to the unit.