Our History

Pyroclassic Fires have been made in New Zealand for more than 30 years and are now available all over the UK!

The Pyroclassic wood fire was developed in New Zealand by scientists from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. They were tasked with creating the ultimate solution for burning wood in the most environmentally conscious way.

Long before Councils even began thinking about the issues of dirty wood fires, these scientists were well on their way to creating the very best wood fire. After years of design and research, the Pyroclassic was born. This unique design has stayed at the top of its field ever since.

Pyroclassic Fires is now a family owned business by Alastair and his two sons, Ric and Rob. Ric made the big move from Manchester to New Zealand in 2006 and took over the Pyro reigns. Ric sent Rob a Pyroclassic IV and after installing it in his own home was converted! A few years on and now hundreds of UK homes are enjoying the incredible warmth and Kiwi ingenuity of a Pyroclassic fire.


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