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  1. Can I put a natural tile on the wall instead of the wall screens? Does this comply with the 'non combustible wall' requirements? 17/09/2021

    Any non-combustible mineral board that is directly fixed to a combustible material like timber immediately loses its non-combustible qualities and therefore the full clearances must be applied. If this board were to be packed 25mm off the combustible material underneath and then ventilated top and bottom with 25mm air gaps...

  2. We have just had a minor gas explosion/back puffing in our Pyroclassic. Why has this happened? 17/09/2021

    This could be caused for the following reasons:

  3. What can I do if my wetback develops a thick coating on it? 17/09/2021

    The wetback can develop a coating of crusty creosote when the wood fuel is not being burnt in the most efficient way. Firewood can play a major role in the performance of a wood fire. The species is part of the picture but the most significant thing is that whatever...

  4. Why are gases and smoke entering the room when the door is opened? 17/09/2021

    The most likely reason for this is that your flue is clogged and may require sweeping.

  5. How do I fix down draft? 17/09/2021

    Download our down draft troubleshooting tips HERE.

  6. Is the Pyroclassic IV a DEFRA exempt appliance? 17/09/2021

    Yes the Pyroclassic IV qualifies as an exempt appliance. Click HERE for details. 

  7. Can I burn driftwood and other treated timbers in my Pyroclassic? 17/09/2021

    You cannot burn driftwood or treated timber in your Pyroclassic. Treated timer and certain enamel and lead based paints can create a volatile environment once heated up to high temperatures. When you burn driftwood the salts become very corrosive and eat into the softer ceramics leaving behind the harder silica aggregates.

  8. How do I use my re-usable firelighters? 17/09/2021

    Place the soaked fire starter in the front of the fire chamber just underneath the front of your kindling. When the fire has started use tongs to remove it and place somewhere safe to cool down. When the fire starter is cold, place into a jar of methylated spirits for storage. 

  9. How do I clean the glass? 17/09/2021

    If the correct quality fuel is burnt in the right manner, the glass should stay relatively clean. The air wash which passes down the inside of the door will scrub off any deposits during the burn cycle.

  10. How to replace the door to glass sealing gasket 17/09/2021

    Download the instructions here -  Replacing-Door-to-Glass-Sealing-Gasket.pdf